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ContainerTreeModel< T > Class Template Reference

#include <customtreemodel.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class T>
class ContainerTreeModel< T >

This is an attempt to make a generic custom tree model. T should be a container type such as std::vector or std::list (or something that presents the same interface

You must override the following functions

Definition at line 47 of file customtreemodel.h.

Public Types

typedef Gtk::TreeModel::iterator iterator

Protected Member Functions

 ContainerTreeModel (T &container)
virtual Gtk::TreeModelFlags get_flags_vfunc (void) const
virtual bool get_iter_vfunc (const Gtk::TreeModel::Path &path, iterator &iter) const
virtual Gtk::TreeModel::Path get_path_vfunc (const iterator &iter) const
virtual bool iter_children_vfunc (const iterator &parent, iterator &iter) const
virtual bool iter_has_child_vfunc (const iterator &iter) const
virtual bool iter_is_valid (const iterator &iter) const
virtual int iter_n_children_vfunc (const iterator &iter) const
virtual int iter_n_root_children_vfunc (void) const
virtual bool iter_next_vfunc (const iterator &iter, iterator &iter_next) const
virtual bool iter_nth_child_vfunc (const iterator &parent, int n, iterator &iter) const
virtual bool iter_nth_root_child_vfunc (int n, iterator &iter) const
virtual bool iter_parent_vfunc (const iterator &child, iterator &iter) const
virtual bool row_draggable_vfunc (const Gtk::TreeModel::Path &path) const
virtual bool row_drop_possible_vfunc (const Gtk::TreeModel::Path &dest, const Gtk::SelectionData &selection_data) const

Protected Attributes

Gtk::TreeModel::ColumnRecord m_columnRecord
GlueList m_glueList
T * m_pContainer
int m_stamp


struct  GlueItem
struct  GlueList

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