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gcs::CheckedInt< low, high, ValueChecker > Class Template Reference

#include <gcs-checked-int.h>

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Detailed Description

template<int low, int high, template< int, int > class ValueChecker = OutOfBoundsThrower>
class gcs::CheckedInt< low, high, ValueChecker >

A range-check integer type

The upper and lower limit can be defined, as well as the behavior when the limits are exceeded

Definition at line 103 of file gcs-checked-int.h.

Public Member Functions

 CheckedInt (int i=low)
 operator int () const
CheckedIntoperator*= (int incr)
const CheckedInt operator+ (const CheckedInt &other) const
const CheckedInt operator++ (int)
CheckedIntoperator++ ()
CheckedIntoperator+= (int incr)
CheckedIntoperator-= (int incr)
CheckedIntoperator= (int i)

Public Attributes

int value

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