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void gcs::Widgets::ColorSwatch::set_color ( ColorPtr  bg  )  [virtual]

Sets the background color of the colorswatch.

This would perhaps more appropriately be named setColor, since its the main color that is being displayed

Reimplemented in gcs::Widgets::TextSwatch.

Definition at line 153 of file gcs-colorswatch.cc.

References alloc_bg(), m_background, and redraw().

Referenced by gcs::Widgets::TextSwatch::set_color().

            m_background = bg;
            //LOG("background_ = " << m_background);
            // Currently tooltips are only used for the palette, and we never
            // change the color of those swatches, so this isn't really needed
            // at this point.
            //pTooltips->set_tip(*this, m_background->get_hexstring());

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