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gcs::Widgets::TextSwatch Class Reference

#include <gcs-textswatch.h>

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Detailed Description

A widget which displays a colorswatch with a text description

Definition at line 44 of file gcs-textswatch.h.

Public Types

typedef std::auto_ptr< Gdk::Color > ref_gdkcolor_type

Public Member Functions

ColorPtr get_color ()
virtual bool on_button_press_event (GdkEventButton *e)
void set_border_width (int width)
virtual void set_color (ColorPtr bg)
void set_size (int width, int height)
sigc::signal< bool > & signal_selected (void)
 TextSwatch (const TextSwatch &c)
 TextSwatch (ColorPtr bg)

Protected Member Functions

void alloc_bg ()
virtual void on_action_copy (void)
virtual void on_drag_data_get (const Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::DragContext > &context, Gtk::SelectionData &selection_data, guint info, guint time)
virtual bool on_expose_event (GdkEventExpose *e)
virtual void on_realize (void)
virtual void redraw (void)
void set_color_icon (const Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::DragContext > &context)

Protected Attributes

ColorPtr m_background
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::GC > m_borderGC
int m_borderWidth
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::Colormap > m_colormap
int m_minSize
sigc::signal< bool > m_signal_selected
int m_swatchPadding

Static Protected Attributes

static ColorPtr m_black = gcs::Color::create("#000000")
static ColorPtr m_white = gcs::Color::create("#FFFFFF")
static Gtk::Tooltips * pTooltips = NULL
static int tooltip_refs = 0

Private Member Functions

void on_clipboard_clear (void)
void on_clipboard_get (Gtk::SelectionData &data, guint info)

Private Attributes

Glib::ustring m_clipboardBuffer
ColorPtr m_foreground
Gtk::Menu * m_pContextMenu
std::auto_ptr< SwatchTextm_pMaxText
std::auto_ptr< SwatchTextm_pMinText
Glib::RefPtr< Pango::Context > m_refContext
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::UIManager > m_refUIManager
Glib::RefPtr< Gdk::GC > m_textGC


class  SwatchText

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