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gcs::Widgets::TextSwatch::SwatchText Class Reference

#include <gcs-textswatch.h>

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Detailed Description

Text to be displayed on a ColorSwatch

This is the text vthat displays the hex string, RGB, and HSV values of the color that is currently being represented by the colorswatch

Definition at line 61 of file gcs-textswatch.h.

Public Member Functions

int get_height (void)
Glib::RefPtr< Pango::Layout > get_layout (void)
int get_width (void)
void set_text (Glib::ustring text)
 SwatchText (Glib::RefPtr< Pango::Context > context, Glib::ustring txt="")

Protected Member Functions

void update_extents (void)

Private Attributes

int m_height
Glib::RefPtr< Pango::Layout > m_refLayout
int m_width

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